red outdoor christmas decorating ideas

Red Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas – Balls, Bells, Bows and Lights

 Red Outdoor Christmas DIY Decorating Ideas

Red is my favorite color, so putting up red outdoor Christmas decorations is so much fun for me!

I’ve found photos for inspiration, so I dug around to find the items required to make the displays as shown in the photos.

It was great fun searching for everything.

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Lighted Hanging Basket with Red Christmas Ball Ornaments

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This is so simple, yet so pretty.

You use a craft twig bird nest and twist around some fairy lights on the outside.  Then fill the inside up with red Christmas ornaments.

Make sure that you get the fairy lights that have the timer, then you won’t have to worry about turning it on and off every night.


Twig bird nest

Fairy lights with timer

Red Christmas ornaments


Santa’s Laundry!

red outdoor christmas decor ideas


This is such a brilliant idea.

Hang a string of white lights up as though it were a clothes line then hang Santa’s laundry out to dry.

Brilliant and creative.

Here are the supplies you need:

White Christmas lights with brown wire (so that it looks like a clothes line)

Santa outfit

Wooden Clothespins (not plastic)

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Hot Chocolate for Santa


red outdoor christmas decor ideas


Santa would appreciate a little rest on his busy night.  This would be a fabulous display to have at the front porch.  It’s thoughtful and different from what everyone else does.

It makes your house warm and inviting even before anyone rings the doorbell.

Your guests will love you sense of style.

It’s fun thinking outside of the box!

Here’s where you can find the items in this picture:

Red Camping Coffee Pot and Mugs

Rustic Bench



Mason Jar Christmas Lights

This one is so simple.  I have replaced the mason jars that have solar lid insert so that I don’t have to worry about the flame going out or about a fire.

christmas light ideas with mason jars


Supplies you will need:


Hanging mason jars

Holiday Berries


Easy, affordable and beautiful.







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Christmas Lantern’s for the Front Porch

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