Wooden Crate Decorating Ideas for Every Room of the House

Looking for inspiration and unique wood crate decorating ideas for various rooms in your house?  I found a LOT of great pictures and beautiful ideas for to share.   From making a desk for a bedrrom , to book shelves in the living room  to towel shelves for the bathroom and dish shelves in the kitchen.  AND.. different colors and stains to paint your wooden crates – don’t just leave them as you found them.

Upcycle your crates! Wooden Crate Decor Ideas

living room wooden crate decor ideas

For the DIY person, just grab some wooden crates and some paint to go with your decor and you are good to go!

Buying different sizes and shapes of crates add a bit of dimension and uniqueness to your design.  And don’t forget to seal your painted work so that you can easily wipe off any drips from vases, coffee mugs or wine glasses.  You don’t want water rings left behind!

Many people like to use a clear acrylic spray sealer. Its quick, easy and great for all sorts of crafts. You can get it here.

Bathroom Wooden Crate DIY Ideas

When you don’t have much space in the bathroom, this is a great way to store towels and keep the bathroom tidy.

bathroom wooden crate diy decorating

Using crates are a great way to store towels in the bathroom, but why not glam it up with these decorative brackets?


Wall Bracket Shelf Support for Storage DisplayWall Bracket Shelf Support for Storage DisplayDecorative Branch Wall Shelf BracketDecorative Branch Wall Shelf BracketUnique Half Round Wall Shelf BracketUnique Half Round Wall Shelf BracketWall Bracket Shelf Support for Storage DisplayWall Bracket Shelf Support for Storage Display


White Wooden Crate Book Shelves

diy white wooden crate book shelf decor

Love this idea of a bedside table!  Just put a piece of glass on top so that your items sit nicely and don’t wobble.

diy wooden crate decor ideas


Wooden Crate Wine Rack


Wooden Crates for Porch Christmas Decor


Christmas Bells for the Front Door

 Jingle Bell Christmas Decoration Christmas Jingle Bell Door Hanger Silver Bells Door Hanger


Outdoor Lanterns for the Front Porch

 Set of 3 Extra Tall Red Candle Lanterns Decorative Lanterns – Set of 2 Metal Lantern with LED Candle Solar Lantern Solid Metal a San Nicola Triple LED Candle Camden Lantern with LED Candle



Wooden Crates to Make a Desk



Outdoor Cushion Storage Ideas – Box, Bag, Container or Chest?

Outdoor Cushion Storage Ideas

Best outdoor cushion storage ideas box bag container



This “shed” is beautiful, but I wouldn’t want to store my patio cushions in it as I would be very concerned about mice, squires and other rodents getting in and nesting in the cushions (it has happened to us before and what a mess it was to clean up in the spring !!)

Resin Deck Boxes for Cushion Storage

Some folks may use resin deck boxes to store towels or pool toys, but when the fall comes and it’s time to close up the pool, many people use them to store their patio cushions.

Toys are then moved to the shed or the basement 🙂

They are designed to keep the contents dry from rain and snow and the customer reviews that I have read have all agreed that it does keep items from getting wet.

No need to worry about mice either as there are no holes for them to climb in through.
top rated outdoor cushion storage - resin boxes containers bags

Suncast Wicker Resin Deck Box, 134 gallonSuncast Wicker Resin Deck Box, 134 gallonCheck Online PriceSuncast Resin Wicker Deck Box, 72 gallonSuncast Resin Wicker Deck Box, 72 gallonCheck Online Price


Plastic Deck Boxes for Storage

If you are looking for a basic, but durable plastic storage box for the deck or patio, here are some of the top rated brands to consider.

You want to make sure that you have a large enough box to hold the cushions as the cushions are bulky in size.

Extra Large Deck BoxExtra Large Deck BoxCheck Online PricePlastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor- 90 GalPlastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor- 90 GalCheck Online PriceSuncast Outdoor Accessories Storage BoxSuncast Outdoor Accessories Storage BoxCheck Online Price120 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box120 Gallon Outdoor Storage BoxCheck Online PriceRubbermaid Deck Box Extra Large 120 GalRubbermaid Deck Box Extra Large 120 GalCheck Online PriceKeter Plastic Deck Storage 110 GalKeter Plastic Deck Storage 110 GalCheck Online PriceKeter Glenwood Plastic Deck Storage 101 GalKeter Glenwood Plastic Deck Storage 101 GalCheck Online Price


DIY Cushion Storage

You could always build your own storage unit.

Here is an idea that I found.  They built a storage section for their cushion in their basement so that they could tuck them out of the way for the winter months.

You can read their instructions here if you want to build the same type of thing.











Patio Outdoor Cushion Storage Bags

If you would prefer something portable, you might want to consider patio cushion storage bags.  These bags are specifically designed for patio cushions.  You can pack them up then move them to the shed or basement all at one instead of doing multiple trips with arm loads of cushions.

These storage bags water resistant, though it is recommended that you purchase one that has the extra water protection base at the bottom in case a puddle of water forms and it sits for a few days.



Veranda Patio Cushion & Cover Storage Bag, StandardVeranda Patio Cushion & Cover Storage Bag, StandardCheck Online PricePatio Armor Cushion Storage Bag CoverPatio Armor Cushion Storage Bag CoverCheck Online PriceWaterproof Vinyl Patio Seat Cushion BagWaterproof Vinyl Patio Seat Cushion BagCheck Online PriceAtrium Patio Cushions Storage Bag, GreenAtrium Patio Cushions Storage Bag, GreenCheck Online PriceWeatherproof Large Storage Bag for CushionsWeatherproof Large Storage Bag for CushionsCheck Online Price